Terms of Service 

We like our clients have a satisfying experience when replacing their countertops. To help us make sure this is the case, we like our customers to understand their rights and responsibilities when using our services. This page provides the Terms of Service as well as a Template Check List, CCB Notices, Service Warranties and other important information. Please take a moment to review the items and and if you have any questions about any of the below items please call us at (503) 649-5852.

  1. All cabinets must be installed permanently, and be level within 1/8 of an inch. All fixtures such as sinks, ranges, cooktops, faucets, etc, which can affect our dimensions must be present on the job-site or in our possession before we are call to template/measure.
  2. Sunset Granite provides as accurate as possible estimate, however, is not a price guarantee. Material slab types, selection, availability, and prices are subject to change. Stone countertops and installation is a custom process and subject to variations in materials and methods. Field measurements/template can change final price.
  3. Customer has selected all materials, edge details, and overhangs. Excessive overhangs (greater than 4 inches for natural stone) may need supports (not supply by Sunset Granite) unless added in the estimate. Customer must be preset both at template and installation to verify and approve template details such as edging, seams, overhangs, etc.
  4. Failure in preparation of the Template Checklist items may result in a trip charge of $45 per man-hour with a minimum fee of $350.00. Typically this happens when customer is unprepared and has not clean the area, removes existing countertops, disconnects and remove sink, move appliances or installed cabinets.
  5. Seams will be located at our discretion. If seams location is critical, please discuss this prior to signing the proposal. 
 Seams are hairline and normally visible and might have a feel to the touch.
  6. Any changes made after template or field measuring may not only change the price, but also can cause extended delays in fabrication and installation. All work order changes must be in writing.
  7. Sunset Granite is not responsible for the removal and/or installation of electrical parts, disconnecting/reconnection of sinks, faucets, ranges, cooktops or any other appliances. We do not do drywall repairs, hookups or plumbing. We can help provide and coordinate a license plumber or experience handy man to help do repairs or reconnect your sink and faucet.
  8. Sunset Granite is only responsible for delivery and installation of purchased material that is agreed upon in the signed contract. All fall-off material is property of Sunset Granite. Client can purchase extra material at current slab pricing and is responsible for pick up and transportation.
  9. Granite, marble, limestone, travertine and slate are products of nature. Natural stone varies in color, shading, width, and texture from one another or within the same piece. 
 We are not responsible for variations in color within the natural and man-made (quartz) slabs.
  10. Sunset Granite is not responsible for any natural shape variation, fissures, chipping, and scratches or wear on the natural stone or quartz surface. Absolutely no claims for any defects after installation or alteration of the stone or quartz.
  11. A 75% Deposit is required for all orders, fabrication and installations. 100% is payment is required for all pick-ups. No returns, or refunds. If client cancels the project before template a 5% of total amount will be charged. 10% cancelation fee after template is done. Full payment is due upon job completion. Failure of customer to pay Sunset Granite in accordance with the payment terms of this agreement is a breach.
  12. In the event the customer breaches the terms and conditions of this agreement, Sunset Granite shall be entitled to recover any and all costs of collection, including court and attorney’s fees. Accounts over 30 days are subject to a finance charge of 1.5% per month; this is an effective annual interest rate of 18%. Should your account become delinquent and necessitate an attorney for collection, a fee of 25% of the balance due will be assessed. 

Template Check List 

Our goal is to make your project measurements are accurate. Please take a moment to review and check off the list below.  You can also print the Template Check List Here. If you have any questions about any of the below items please call us at (503) 649-5852.

  • The homeowner or designated representative 18 years of age or older must be present during the entire template process. This person shall be able to verify slab color, edging as well as answer any questions we might have. This is person must be able to approve template and/or make decisions about seams, over-hangs, cut outs, etc.
  • Custom countertop Templating will not proceed without a person of authority present. The appointment will be rescheduled and an additional trip charge may apply.
  • After template completion, all project details will be considered final and may not be changed. All material, edge detail and overhang dimensions have been approved by customer. Excessive overhangs might need supports. Sunset Granite can supply supports upon request at additional cost.
  • All UPPER and LOWER cabinets as well as END PANELS have been set LEVEL within 1/8 of an inch and STRAIGHTEN in their permanent location(s).
  • All existing countertops and decking have been removed and cabinets are ready to template. Please check cabinet levels and level if need it when replacing countertops. We cannot guaranty our work when the cabinets are uneven. It is understood that cabinets out of level or straightness (including existing cabinets in remodels) will need to be properly level and adjusted prior to installation of countertops.
  • Leveling and adjustments are NOT included in the countertop price and Sunset Granite doesn’t do any woodwork or cabinet leveling work.
  • Client must clean and remove all items from cabinets, under-sink-base cabinet and surrounding area prior to templating. All appliances and fixtures i.e. sinks, range, cook-top, faucets, etc. are on job-site or in our possession prior to template appointment for measurement purposes. It is common for some sinks to bring them to our shop for accurate dimensions cut outs and will be returned on the installation date.
  • All electrical boxes are in their appropriate permanent location(s). This is important when we template for wall-splash or backsplash electrical outlet cut out.
  • Customer is responsible for disconnecting and reconnecting of sinks, faucets, and appliances
  • All fall-off material (i.e. sink cut-outs, cook-top cut-outs, etc.) is property of Sunset Granite Prior to installation, customer is recommended to cover anything they want to protect. The installation may result in some dust.

CCB Consumer Notices 

Because Oregon law requires contractors to provide the homeowner with differnt notices at the time of agreement of a contract for work on a residential structure.  Here are the Sunset Granite Information Notice to Owner About Construction Liens, Notice of Right to A Liean, Consumer Protection Notice, and Notice of Procedure.

Demolition Waiver 

Countertop demolition must be done prior to, or on the date of installation. All appliances and sinks must be disconnected before demolition can be performed. The sink, range or cook top, and refrigerator must also be removed from the countertop before scheduling a countertop demolition and installation. Cabinets must be clean, this includes under the sink base cabinet as well. Moldings and/or storage cabinets that sit on the existing countertops must also be removed prior to demolition.

We don’t do plumbing, carpentry, or electrical work; recommendations to contractors can be provided upon request. It is common when removing tile backsplash for damage to be done on the Sheetrock walls, as tile is typically adhered strongly to the wall. Sunset Granite is not responsible for such damage and/or repair to the walls. We always do our best to avoid damage to your walls, trims, and cabinets but this is not guaranteed for the nature of demolition is at times unavoidable.

If Sunset Granite has to move appliances during demolition or installation, we will not be responsible for any damage done to them. It is also the client’s responsibility to have the cabinets leveled within 1/8 of an inch before the installation takes place. It may seem to be an inconvenience, but we cannot install on unleveled cabinets because the integrity and longevity of the stone will be compromised.

Please make sure all correct steps are taken prior to the templating and installation day to prevent an additional trip charge shall the job might be cancel for lack of properness.

Service Warranty 

Sunset Granite warrants all custom fabrication and installation of natural stone such as Granite, Quartzite, Marble and engineering stone such as Quartz to be free from defects in workmanship under normal use for one year after installation.

During the warranty period Sunset Granite will repair or replace at its own discretion if products are found to be defective. The warranty is only to our customers and no warranty is extended to a third party.

Warranty Limitations. Granite, Marble and other natural stone products are natural and many are made of a crystalline structure. Natural fissures are not structural defects as they are part of the material. These natural products also vary in color, shading, and texture from one another and within the same piece. Sunset Granite expressly excludes any shape variation, fissures, chips, and discoloration variances from this warranty

Other terms. Sunset Granite will not comply further warranty for damages caused by the client’s misuses and abuse of the stone. Sunset Granite will not be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages or lost of profit and under any circumstances.

Taking Care of Your Countertops 

Granite and Quartz are durable, functional and beautiful and they don’t need much maintenance. However, minimal care will ensure your countertops will always be in great condition. Taking proper care of your stone countertops is important to maintain their polished and beautiful look. Below are some steps to help protect your new countertops:

  1. Apply a high quality granite sealer to the countertops. We recommend Stain-Proof Premium Impregnating Sealer from DryTreat.  All of our Granite and Marble countertops we installed are sealed with StainProof sealer. Quartz slab don’t need to be seal.
  2. We recommend cleaning your countertops daily.  They can be clean with warm water and a few drops of dish detergent.  However, we recommend using a stone cleaner like Rejuvenata Spray cleaner from DryTreat. It can be use to clean natural as well as engineer stone like quartz.  This will clean any spills and dirt. Rejuvenata is not only cleans it also seal your granite countertops. We recommend this product since granite is porous and absorbent and spills of oil, wine or coffee can stain your countertops.
  3. Keep the surface clean and avoid exposure to high temperature for quartz countertops. Granite, however, can withstand higher temperatures.
  4. Avoid cutting directly onto your countertop.  This will not only make your knife dull, but will leave micro scratches into your quartz or granite.  These micro scratches will make your countertops look dull.
  5. Avoid acidic products on your countertops.  Acids can etch or can chemically react with quartz or granite. Thus leaving stains or blemishes.
  6. Avoid any kind or type of oil on your countertop.  Oil can stain your granite countertops by leaving “wet” looks or oil drops visible.
  7. Avoid leaving anything directly (food, soap, or cleaners) on the granite or quartz for long periods of time.
  8. We recommend placing a cutting board for food preparation and a trivet for hot pots or pans.
  9. Do not stand on your countertops.
  10. If granite or quartz is damaged or stained call a professional for advice.

Repair Waivier 

This agreement releases Sunset Granite from all liability relating to damages that may occur during removal, repair, cutting, during a slab repair. By signing this agreement, I agree to hold Sunset Granite entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for any damages that could possibly occur during the repair work..

I also acknowledge the risks involved in Repair/Removal of Slab. These include but are not limited to Damages to material, Cabinets, Floor, Wall, and any other area related to this repair. I agree that I am participating voluntarily, and that all risks have been made clear to me

I forfeit all rights to bring a suit against Sunset Granite for any reason. In return, I will receive Repairs I will ask for clarification when needed. I further understand that I will have the work area clean, be prepared and ready. Failure to provide all information and preparation of the work area may result in an extra trip to the job site and will charge $55.00 per man-hour with a minimum fee of $350.00.  This happens when customer is unprepared and has not clean the area, removes existing countertops, disconnects and remove sink, move appliances or installed cabinets.

Slab Pick Ups Terms 

  1. 100% of project total is due and is to be paid for at the time of agreement in order for Sunset Granite to begin any fabrication.  Absolutely no refunds for all pick ups or cash and carries.  Sales are final and full price must be paid before hand.
  2. Client is responsible to bring templates or accurate measurements for their project. (Sunset Granite will not be held responsible for measuring, templating or providing template material).
  3. Sunset Granite will cut and fabricate the material according to the measurements or template being provided. Client needs to specify center line(s) of cut outs and overhang as desired.
  4. We will not replace material if fabrication is done incorrectly because clients not detailing their template accordingly to their specific needs.
  5. Client is responsible for pick up of the material once fabrication has been completed. It is the responsibility for the customer to check materials for any scratches, cracks or sizes before picking up.
  6. We can only hold slabs up to one month. After 30 days Sunset Granite is not responsible for materials at our shop.
  7. Once the slabs have been pick up there is not refunds of any kind. Pick up sales are final and we would not replace slabs once they are picked up. It is solely the responsibility of customer to check for sizes and material before pick ups.
  8. Customer must be aware of depth, length, and weight of material being picked up.
  9. Sunset Granite is not responsible for misuse or liable at the time of any project pick up. Any cracks, chips or damage done to the material becomes responsibility of the person doing the pick up. (ie; client, contractor or family member).
  10. Sunset Granite will not be responsible of delivery of project to any job site.
  11. If there is any fall off material, it becomes property of Sunset Granite. If client wants the remainder material, they are able to purchase it from Sunset Granite at current slab price.
  12. Sunset Granite is not responsible for any natural shape variation, fissures, chipping, scratching or wear to the stone or quartz surface.
  13. Granite, marble, limestone, travertine. And slate is product of nature. Natural stone varies in color, shading, width, and texture from one another or within the same piece.