Proper sealing of your new installed countertops, sinks, faucets and tile work is crucial to its peak performance and long life. Equally important is using the right cleansers to ensure the surfaces look great for years to come. As an expert in kitchen and bathroom construction and renovation, Sunset Granite uses and recommends only the best quality sealants and cleaners to our valued customers.

We carry The DryTreat brand of products exclusively. We rely on DryTreat for the initial installation sealing, resealing and cleaning. We have found that DryTreat has the ability to out-perform many of the other leading products, so we know that no matter the project we’ve got the perfect treatment. Whether we are sealing a recently repaired flooring or a new marble countertop, we are confident in DryTreat’s family of high quality products. All of the products from DryTreat are virtually invisible so the true beauty of your natural stone countertops or engineered quartz slab shows through for a lifetime.


Having a stable, reliable seal is crucial to the proper functioning of your new countertop, sink, faucet and tile surfaces. DryTreat sealants are our choice to complete our top-quality installation work.

STAIN-PROOFTM Original is the World’s leading impregnating sealer for all surfaces that are porous such as grout, pavers, marble and other natural stones.

STAIN-PROOFTM Plus is a sealer that still allows the sub material to breathe. It has been designed for dense, natural stone countertops.

META CRÈME offers superior protection with an ultra-low Volatile Organic Compound or VOC score. This means that harmful gases won’t be released into your environment. This is a term that is often associated with paint products. This sealer is also for porous surfaces.

DRY-TREAT 40SKTM is superior for sealing items made for marble or other porous surfaces that are softer. They cause liquids to consolidate or bead up.

HANAFINNTM Stain-RepellaTM was created as an affordable high performance sealing product that is not permanent. It is also good for a variety of surfaces and materials.


Proper aftercare of your new installed countertops, sinks, faucets and tile surfaces is crucial for their longevity and appearance. You want them looking their very best and lasting as long as possible. For optimal cleaning Sunset Granite recommends DryTreat’s HANAFINNTM line of cleaning products.

HANAFINNTM Oxy-KlenzaTM is the perfect porous surface cleaning solution for applications where stone is outside and hard like granite. This is a triple action, oxygen based cleaner that we find to be extremely reliable.

HANAFINNTM Rejuvenata SprayTM is a great solution for both engineered stone countertops and natural stone countertops. When removing soap residue, grout haze, hard water and lime stains from surfaces that aren’t acid reactive like granite, PentalQuartz, Caesarstone, and Silestone, HANAFINNTM Rejuvenata SprayTM is a superior product.

Sunset Granite is proud to recommend the DryTreat product line both for proper installation and long term maintenance of your kitchen and bathroom. If you have questions about the DryTreat line, or any other line of sealants or cleaners, please feel free to reach out to us. Our knowledgeable and friendly expert team is always ready, willing and able to help our customers make the best decisions to fit their home and business improvement project needs.