Sunset Granite can help coordinate the disconnection and reconnection of your kitchen and bathroom sink and faucet.  We use a licenced plumber or experienced handyman to help remove the drain and faucet when replacing your new countetops along with your sink and faucets.

Kitchen and Bathroom Sink

Kitchen or Bathroom Sink disconnection and sink removal is necesary when removing the existing countertops.  It is a fairly straight forward process and many customer choose to DIY.  Again, we recomend a professional to help with the disconnection and reconection of your kitchen and bathroom drain and water faucet.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Shutting off water from under the sink – make sure there is not leaks.  It is commond that due to old water pipes the plastic O-ring becames brittle.  This is due to the many years of usage of hot and cold water.
  • Plumers will recomend replacing old water fittings due to brittle O-rings and also to guarantee their work
  • Take care to loosen the nuts since water pipes can also be brittle and can break easy.
  • Reconnecting your sink would most likely require the replacement of PVC pipes and fittings.

Your countertop installation comapany will mount your undermount sink ready to be connected.  Slab installer would sealed your undermount sink under-neat the slab with 100% sealant silicon.  This sealant is flexible, strong and water proof keeping your sink in place and preventing water to leak from the sink.