At Sunset Granite we strive to provide the highest quality work, service and value to our customers throughout the Portland metro area. Our new 8000+ SQF state-of-the-art fabrication facility allows us to be efficient, safer and competitive. Our new stone equipment tools and the 15 years of industry experienced has allowed us to help our clients efficiently saving them time and money in their slab replacement countertops. Our equipment allows us to fabricate natural stone like Granite, Marble, Quartzite, Travertine, Soapstone, Limestone and engineered stone like Quartz, Porcelain, Dekton, Lapitec and other man-made products.

I can’t believe how professional and fast the Sunset Granite team were. Such an easy process and we’re so happy with our new kitchen counters!!

Our fabricators and installers have been in the industry for over 15 years been providing home and business their kitchens and bathrooms of their dreams. We fabricate and install custom countertops, and use the latest tools and technology for the best workmanship and installation posible. We have worked for KGW channel 8, restaurants, doctors and dentists as well as numerous other residential and commercial projects throughout Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Forest Grove, North Plains, Aloha, Tualatin, Sherwood, Wilsonville, Tigard, West Linn, Lake Oswego and around the Willamette Valley area.


Countertop Installation Services

Each home and each countertop replacement is unique and we take pride in treating every job like we’re working on our own home. The following outline is just a rough guide from the beginning to the final countertop installation.

A typical kitchen countertop installation includes fitting the slabs onto the cabinets, leveling the pieces, seaming and mounting the undermount sink.

Fitting the slabs onto the kitchen cabinets is the first step — this allow us to check that all the pieces fit and that the fringe, range and sink cut outs properly fit.

Leveling the pieces is the next step in the process and it is typical that some shimming would need to be done since no cabinet would be 100% level.
Seaming the slabs is an important part of the installation; we do this by using a seam-setter which is a suction system that levels the two slabs and pull-them tightly together making the seam level and a hair line.
Mounting the sink is done with a sink-bracket kit and it gets seal with silicon sealant under the slab.

Finally, the slabs are cleaned and sealed as in the case of natural stone like granite or marble.

Final Inspection

We ask our customers to check their installation and also test the fitting for the cooktop and range. Shall there be a fitting issue or any other issue our team will take care of them.

Tear Outs

Tear Out And Haul Away Of Existing Countertops

The removal of existing countertops can be fairly straightforward, however, there had been instances that tile countertops, for example, can be difficult. For example, when home owners DIY installed their own tile countertops and used lots and lots of crews to screw down plywood and backer board. The removal of these counters is difficult because we have to remove the tiles, clean the grout, and find the head of the screws and removed them with a drill tool. Tile countertops are normally the most difficult to remove because they are heavy and will end up breaking.

Tile backsplashes are also tedious since we have to remove one-by-one with minimum damaging the sheetrock wall. Damages to the sheetrock wall is inevitable as many times tile is strongly adhered to the wall. Sheetrock walls can be easily repaired however.

We recommend hiring a professional to do your tear-out of your existing countertops and backsplash. We have seen many customers DIY ruining their cabinets and damaging the drywall more than it need be.

DIY Tear Out

Here are some steps in removing of old counters.

Disconnect your sink drain and faucet.

Cover your floors specially when removing tile, as tiles would break and can scratch the floors.
Remove the countertop in a few pieces as possible and it is easy when you are removing Formica as it is just a piece of plywood.
Careful where to insert your flat bar as you can easily damage your cabinets where they have no (wall) support.

Clean up and garbage disposal

Countertop Repairs

We offer repairs for stone slab fissures, chips, cracks as well as seam when they come apart. We provide in-house slab cut outs for cooktops, ranges and refrigerators.

Slab Countetop Repairs

Natural stone, especially exotic (and expensive) have fissures and are made up of soft-and-strong materials such as feldspar, quartz and other minerals. The mixture of different soft and hard materials gives granite slabs their beautiful color, veining and flow, but also gives the development of fissures, chips or cracks within the slab.

Natural slab fissures, chips and even cracks can appear for no apparent reason, but most likely it is because it was accedentally chip with big pan, for example.


Cracks like fissures can be repair by using a special stone glue to keep the two pieces from opening and cracking. Cracks can appear due to stresses applied to the stone slab during the transportation, fabrication or installation. Cracks can also develop in areas around the sink or over hangs where proper support might be lacking.


Chips can also occur naturally due to slab material properties, but it is mostly caused by hitting the edge of slab by a big pot, for example. Chips can be repair with stone epoxy by blending its color to match stone color. Chip repairs are the most common repairs we are call for.


Slab scratches are normally made when dragging or cutting onto the slab. The removal of scratches for granite or marble is a long process since the face of the slab have to be grind to get rid-off the scratch and polished back to its original finish.


Fissures are a part of many different naturally occurring mineral materials. This is a general term referring to a division between crystalline structures within a slab. Fissures can be filled in with a special stone super thin glue to hold the slab from cracking.

Range, Frige and Sink Replacements:

Making space for a new applience such as a stove or refrigerator are other repair services we provide. Typically, when an old range is replace with a new one the range cut out might need to be bigger (30 inches is typical). Similarly for a new refrigerator, but less commond.

Sink replacement is also typical and this occur when the bathroom porcelain sink breaks or when the kitchen sink breaks as in the case of granite composite sinks. We can replaced this sinks as well. Finally, we can remove and re-install kitchen slab countertops in special occasions.

Stone Sealer

Natural stone like Granite, Marble and Quartzite need to be seal to help keep their mirror finished and to help from staining. We offer in-house cleaning and sealing of slab countertops and use STAIN-PROOF sealer from DryTreat which has a 15 year sealer warranty.

Sealants & Cleaners For Countertops

Proper sealing of your new installed countertops is crucial help from staining and help maintenance their original finish. 

We carry Stain-Proof Sealant for natural stone from Dry-Treat™  which has develops world leading impregnating sealers & enhancers for granite and marble.  They also offer the best stone daily cleaners for granite, marble and quartz.

STAIN-PROOFTM Original is the World’s leading impregnating sealer for all surfaces that are porous such as grout, pavers, marble and other natural stones.

META CRÈME offers superior protection with an ultra-low Volatile Organic Compound or VOC score. This means that harmful gases won’t be released into your environment. This is a term that is often associated with paint products. This sealer is also for porous surfaces.

HANAFINNTM Rejuvenata SprayTM is a great solution for both engineered stone countertops and natural stone countertops. When removing soap residue, grout haze, hard water and lime stains from surfaces that aren’t acid reactive like granite, PentalQuartz, Caesarstone, and Silestone, is a superior product.

Sunset Granite is proud to recommend the DryTreat product line both for proper installation and long term maintenance of your kitchen and bathroom.

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