Stone Sealer

Natural stone like Granite, Marble and Quartzite need to be seal to help keep their mirror finished and to help from staining. We offer in-house cleaning and sealing of slab countertops and use STAIN-PROOF sealer from DryTreat which has a 15 year sealer warranty.


Proper sealing of your new installed countertops is crucial help from staining and help maintenance their original finish. 

We carry Stain-Proof Sealant for natural stone from Dry-Treat™  which has develops world leading impregnating sealers & enhancers for granite and marble.  They also offer the best stone daily cleaners for granite, marble and quartz.

STAIN-PROOFTM Original is the World’s leading impregnating sealer for all surfaces that are porous such as grout, pavers, marble and other natural stones.

META CRÈME offers superior protection with an ultra-low Volatile Organic Compound or VOC score. This means that harmful gases won’t be released into your environment. This is a term that is often associated with paint products. This sealer is also for porous surfaces.

HANAFINNTM Rejuvenata SprayTM is a great solution for both engineered stone countertops and natural stone countertops. When removing soap residue, grout haze, hard water and lime stains from surfaces that aren’t acid reactive like granite, PentalQuartz, Caesarstone, and Silestone, is a superior product.

Sunset Granite is proud to recommend the DryTreat product line both for proper installation and long term maintenance of your kitchen and bathroom.