Each home and each countertop replacement is unique and we take pride in treating every job like we’re working on our own home. The following outline is just a rough guide from the beginning to the final countertop installation.

A typical kitchen countertop installation includes fitting the slabs onto the cabinets, leveling the pieces, seaming and mounting the undermount sink.

Fitting the slabs onto the kitchen cabinets is the first step — this allow us to check that all the pieces fit and that the fringe, range and sink cut outs properly fit.
Leveling the pieces is the next step in the process and it is typical that some shimming would need to be done since no cabinet would be 100% level.
Seaming the slabs is an important part of the installation; we do this by using a seam-setter which is a suction system that levels the two slabs and pull-them tightly together making the seam level and a hair line.
Mounting the sink is done with a sink-bracket kit and it gets seal with silicon sealant under the slab.
Finally, the slabs are cleaned and sealed as in the case of natural stone like granite or marble.

Final Inspection

We ask our customers to check their installation and also test the fitting for the cooktop and range. Shall there be a fitting issue or any other issue our team will take care of them.