Countertop Repairs

We offer repairs for stone slab fissures, chips, cracks as well as seam when they come apart. We provide in-house slab cut outs for cooktops, ranges and refrigerators.

Slab Countetop Repairs

Natural stone, especially exotic (and expensive) have fissures and are made up of soft-and-strong materials such as feldspar, quartz and other minerals. The mixture of different soft and hard materials gives granite slabs their beautiful color, veining and flow, but also gives the development of fissures, chips or cracks within the slab.

Natural slab fissures, chips and even cracks can appear for no apparent reason, but most likely it is because it was accedentally chip with big pan, for example.


Cracks like fissures can be repair by using a special stone glue to keep the two pieces from opening and cracking. Cracks can appear due to stresses applied to the stone slab during the transportation, fabrication or installation. Cracks can also develop in areas around the sink or over hangs where proper support might be lacking.


Chips can also occur naturally due to slab material properties, but it is mostly caused by hitting the edge of slab by a big pot, for example. Chips can be repair with stone epoxy by blending its color to match stone color. Chip repairs are the most common repairs we are call for.


Slab scratches are normally made when dragging or cutting onto the slab. The removal of scratches for granite or marble is a long process since the face of the slab have to be grind to get rid-off the scratch and polished back to its original finish.


Fissures are a part of many different naturally occurring mineral materials. This is a general term referring to a division between crystalline structures within a slab. Fissures can be filled in with a special stone super thin glue to hold the slab from cracking.

Range, Frige and Sink Replacements:

Making space for a new applience such as a stove or refrigerator are other repair services we provide. Typically, when an old range is replace with a new one the range cut out might need to be bigger (30 inches is typical). Similarly for a new refrigerator, but less commond.

Sink replacement is also typical and this occur when the bathroom porcelain sink breaks or when the kitchen sink breaks as in the case of granite composite sinks. We can replaced this sinks as well. Finally, we can remove and re-install kitchen slab countertops in special occasions.