“Which one is better?” we get this question frequently which is not easy to answer.  We asked our customer what color style they like and love. Because our clients will be seeing and living with the kitchen countertop slab color everyday, it is important that you choose a color you like. There is little difference in terms of functionality and durability as both granite and quartz are scratch, heat and stain resistance (once granite is sealed). Below we provide the main differences:

Granite: is normally “busy” with more grain, movement, and veining that are created by nature. In fact, natural stone in general like granite; quartzite and marble are one-of-a-kind created by nature whose beauty is unmatched.

Quartz: quartz is very popular now days because of its beautiful designs, veining, color consistence, durability and no maintenance. Quartz is a man-made product and is made very dense that is virtually nonporous, nonabsorbent, harder than granite, and less prone to scratch and chipping.

Below are is a summary of the main differences:

Quartz Granite
Maintenance No sealing required. Require sealing about 5 years
Cleaning Easy to clean with water Easy to clean onced it is sealed.
Stain Resistant Resist stains, moisture and bacteria Porous, can stain if not sealed
Durability Stronger than granite, less prompt too break, and chip Strong but has soft minerals easy to break or chip.
Scratch and heat
Is scratch resistant, but can burn Scratch Resistant; doesn’t burn
Hygienic Nonporous helps food; moisture nonabsorbent Sealed granite protects against bacteria.

Since you are going to live with the slab color you end up choosing, we recommend choosing the color of slab that you love. Because, quartz requires minimum maintenance, withstand more abuse and can be stunningly beautiful, it has become a number one choice form most homeowners and commercial countertops.