Granite is one of the most popular stone materials used in residential as well as in commercial counters today. As one of the strongest materials used in kitchen countertops granite is a clear contender for your next home renovation project. Whether you’re looking to bring a sleek new look to your kitchen, update your bathroom or you’re looking for a beautiful floor material, granite is a great possibility.

Granite has numerous advantages. The first is its durability. When magma containing a high quartz content cooled slowly below the earth’s surface, the crystalline structure was able to develop and grow with strong bonds. This is one of the reasons that granite is not only strong and durable but lacks the porosity that can make some materials less than ideal. With a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, granite is one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals that exists in abundance. If a crack or a chip does occur, repairing it isn’t catastrophic, especially if it’s caught early and the right products are used.

The next feature that makes granite an excellent choice is the ease and simplicity of maintenance. As stated previously, repairs can be fixed easily. The overall ability for one to clean and maintain granite is also a plus. Granite contains no calcium therefore making it resistant to acids. This strength against acids means that you can use a simple chlorine bleach at any strength and many other household cleaners. It can still get stained by items such as red wine, coffee, tea and others but with the proper sealant used during installation, these shouldn’t be a problem.

Granite is an excellent investment for your home or business. Choosing a color of stone that has a general appeal can also be a great idea if you intend on selling your building in the future. Often, granite or other stone countertops can be advantageous in adding value to a home. This can help a perspective buyer to make their decision and seal the deal. Custom countertops made from granite last for decades or longer if taken care of. This is far beyond that of a cheaper solution such as laminates.

For a person who uses their kitchen for entertaining or someone who cooks often, the countertops can set the mood for their kitchen and make cooking that much more enjoyable. Granite is a fairly heat resistant material when not exposed to extreme temperatures or rapid heat increases.

The selection and variety of colors available also make granite a versatile and attractive choice for kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, wall paneling and other surfaces.

A few granite related questions answered:

Q: Can I cut on my granite counter?

A: While it is possible, it is not recommended as both the knife and possibly the counter can be damaged. Using a quality cutting board will help your granite countertops continue to look their best for years.

Q: Does Sunset Granite custom make all your granite countertops?

A: In general, we do everything custom for your space. We do offer prefabricated countertops with the sinks and faucet holes predrilled at a reduced price.

Q: Do you recommend granite over other natural stone choices?

A: Not in all cases. Feel free to give us a call and inform us about the scope of your project so that we can help you to select the best project to give you superior results long term.