A template is a pattern of your kitchen or bathroom countertop replacement and is one of the most important steps in the process because it states how the slab will be cut.  Below are some important things when we come out to your house to template your kitchen countertops.

  • The homeowner or designated representative be present during the entire template and installation process.  During this time we like to verify material color, edge detail, seam location, overhang dimensions and other vital information.
  • After template completion, all project details will be considered final and maynot be changed.
  • Have all cabinets to be permanent installed, level and ready.
  • Client must clean and remove all items from cabinets, under-sink-base cabinet and surrounding area prior to templating.
  • All appliances and fixtures (i.e. sinks, range, cook-top, faucets, etc.) are on job-site or in our possession prior to template appointment for measurement purposes.

If you have existing countertops, we can make the template over the current counters without having to remove them, however, the backsplash would need be remove to help get accurete dimensions.  This will minimized the inconveniece to be without functional kitchen.