Slab Color Countertop Selection:

There are hundreds of granite and quartz slab colors, veining, flow and variation within the slab.  Slab selection of your stone can be challenging.  Here we can help provide  have veining, flow and variation within the slab. We recomend looking at the whole slab before making a selection.

Once you know or narrow to a few colors, material, style and finish we recomend you to visit our showroom or warehouse where you can see the whole slabs, not just a sample.

You can freely browse on your own or have your installer help you in making your final slection. A knowlegable installer can be essential if you’re working with a limited budget or if you’re unsure of the best style to suit your home’s décor.


Quartz is now the most popular because of its elegant beauty and supreme performance. It is a great choice because it takes advantages of the two worlds:  durability and maintenance-free surface with stunning aesthetics designs because it is man-made and its sutunning beauty mimicking natural stone veining and flow.  There are now hundress of quartz manufactures and more and more colors to choose from.


Quartzite not to be confuse with quartz.  Quartzite is a natural stone and is much elegant than quartz or granite.  It is also harder than granite, so it is quite durable. It withstands heat very well.  Quartzite is now gaining popularity due to its 3-demensonal colors and veining.


Granite has been loosing popularity but its durability and gorgeous colors and veining are one of a kind created by nature.  It is very low maintenance and stain-resistant. Granite is a perfect choice when the unique look of a specific piece of stone will enhance a space.


Marble is much more rich in vaining and in color variation, however, it is loosing popularity due to is soft nature.  Marble is porous and easy to stain.  It is also easy to break which requires more care to install it and to maintenance.