Sealing your granite countertops is important to make sure your stone is protected from staining, have a mirror like feel and looks great. Properly sealed stone countertops also allow you also to clean them easily and when water is applied, it should bead up. Applying water into your countertops is a way to test if your stone needs sealant or if it was sealed at.

We use Stain-Proof Sealer from Dry-Treat, which is a world leading in sealer and enhancers technology for natural stone not only slabs of granite and marble but also any natural stone such as bricks, pavers, tiles, grout and concrete.  Stain-Proof sealer is a penetrating sealer that goes into the pores of the stone forming a flexible molecular link or barrier.  Penetrating sealers such as Stain-Proof sealant have a 15 Year performance guarantee.

Rejuvenata stone spray cleaner, also from Dry-Treat, is recommended for everyday cleaning of stone and engineering countertops.  Rejuvenata has aslo an invisible sealer and when use it will not only clean but add sealant to the surface.  Applying multiple applications of Rejuvenata will over time make the surface stain repellent or sealed.

Again, we recommend a professional or a Dry-Treat Accredited Applicator to clean and reseal your countetops.  However, you can always DIY and below are some tips to help you seal your stone countertops, grout or tile with Stain-Proof Impregnating sealer.

  • Clean your countertops and make sure they are dry and free of residues.
  • Apply the sealer into the surface by saturating it with a brush or spray.
  • Let the sealer penetrate the surface by allowing it to dry at least 10 minutes and apply a second coat.
  • We recommend at least two coats and before the final coat dries remove the excess with a clean towel.
  • If the sealer dry, it might be difficult to clean. Just apply another sealer coat and clean it before it drys.

The sealer would help prevent stains and will make easier to clean your countertops. However, it does not prevent the surface to scratch, and because it is breathable it is not a strain resistant. This means that if you let water sitting too long, the water would find its way into the slab; leaving a wet look. However, it should dry and surface should look in its original color.