Installing slab countertops includes the delivery of fabricated pieces, testing slab fit into cabinets, leveling of slabs, seaming, gluing the slabs into your cabinets and mounting your undermount sink.

To help facilitate our installation crew we like to recommend the following:

  • Have your kitchen ready by having all cabinetwork done, and cleaning the work area for our installer to carry the slab inside your house.
  • Our installers will first test all the pieces and make sure they fit correctly.  Sometimes they might make a few adjustments to make sure the counters fit nicely.
  • It is typical that slabs might need some shimming specially when seaming two slabs together.
  • We will also pre-mount your under-mount sink with a bracket kit or with clips under the slab as in the case of undermount bathroom sinks.
  • Some noise and dust may result when drilling faucet holes, but our team uses a vacuumed to catch most of it.
  • We recommend protecting your floors, drawers and cleaning the area under the sink and cooktop, as we might need to go under to fasten your sink.
  • Once installation is completed, we will confirm your stove, cooktop and fridge fittings, clean and seal your countertops as in the case of granite.

We recommend the undermount sink sealant to cure for at least 12 hours before trying to reconnect your drain and water faucet.